Birmingham ID & Infusion is dedicated to providing patient care in all areas of infectious diseases including bacterial, viral and fungal infections in the hospital, outpatient and infusion center settings.

Our top-rated team of Infectious Diseases specialists provide very thorough treatment plans for patients with complex infectious diseases in addition to patients with illnesses that do not respond to traditional treatments or are best managed with infusion therapy.

Along with a safe setting managed by our board- certified infectious disease physicians, other exclusive benefits include:

  • Our patients are treated by licensed trained infusion nurses under the supervision of a physician on site.
  • Our patients’ insurances are precerted by our staff. We accept all insurances.
  • Our patients have access to the most extensive and constantly expanding medication list.
  • Our patients have guidance for financial support through our drug manufacturer contacts.
  • Our patients enjoy free Wi-Fi, snacks, TVs and their own blankets.
  • Our patients enjoy easy parking and our flexible hours since we are open 7 days a week.

Our Amazing Team of Infusion Trained Nurses

L-R: Laura Smith, Sharon Veasey, Jennifer Ronson